Do You Know A Contactor & Different Types Of Contactor Devices?
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Do You Know A Contactor & Different Types Of Contactor Devices?

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Do You Know A Contactor & Different Types Of Contactor Devices?

At first, you should know that a contactor is an electrical device just like electrical contact rivets which are used for switching an electrical circuit on or off. It is regarded as a special type of relay. Hence, the basic nuance between the relay and contactor is that the contactor is used in applications with higher current carrying capacity, whereas the relay is used for lower current applications. Moreover, contactors can be mounted easily and are compact in size. Generally speaking, these electrical devices feature multiple contacts such as the brass stamping terminal parts silver contact. These contacts are normally open and provide operating power to the load when the contactor coil is energized.

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There are myriad types of contactors like electrical silver contact points for contactor, and each type has its own features, functions, and applications. Contactors can break current over a wide range of currents, from a few amperes to thousands of amperes, and voltages from 24 VDC to thousands of volts. Besides, these electrical devices have different sizes, from hand-held dimensions to sizes measuring a meter or yard.


The contactor is usually applied to the high-current load just like Oem Sheet Metal Riveting Electrical Contacts. Contactors are famous for their ability to handle currents of over 5000 amperes and high power over 100 kW. Heavy motor currents produce arcs when being interrupted. These arcs can be decreased and controlled with the help of a contactor.


Then, you should know the basic contact components. First of all, the coil or electromagnet is the most essential component of a contactor. The driving force that is used to close the contacts is from the coil or electromagnet of the contactor. The coil or electromagnet and contacts are protected by an enclosure. Just like the enclosures used in any other application such as stamped components, contactors also have an enclosure, which insulates and protects from personnel touching.



Then, it comes to the contacts. The current-carrying task of the contactor is done by the contacts. There are various types of contacts in a contactor such as contact springs, auxiliary contacts, and power contacts.


In addition, you should know how the contactor operates normally as well as contact center components. The current passing through the contactor excites the electromagnet which can produce a magnetic field, causing the contactor core to move the armature. A normally closed contact finishes the circuit between the fixed contacts and the moving contacts. It allows the current to pass through these contacts to the load. When the current is removed, the coil is de-energized and opens the circuit. The contacts of the contactors are famous for their rapid open and close action.


There are different types of contactor devices, such as knife blade switch

which was used earlier in the late 1800s. It was maybe the first contactor that was used to control electric motors. The switch consisted of metal strips like silver-clad strips. This switch had a lever for pulling the switch down or pushing it up. If you want to purchase the relevant devices, you can ask the bimetal contact rivets manufacturer for help.

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