Do You Know About Light Switches And Dimmers?
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Do You Know About Light Switches And Dimmers?

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Do You Know About Light Switches And Dimmers?

It is universally acknowledged that light switches and dimmers are an integral part of the lighting system just like the contact rivets. We should know the basic information about them so that we can make our lives easier.


To be general, there are several main light switch styles to accommodate a variety of needs and home decor themes as well as the stamped metal panels. The most common styles include toggle, rocker, and push-button light switches.


Toggle Light Switches


A toggle light switch is the type of switch most commonly found in homes just like the electrical contact rivets and is the most normal light switch. The name comes from the fact that the switch lever protrudes out from the wall and toggles up and down, or back and forth to control the lights.


Rocker Light Switches


A rocker light switch, which is sometimes referred to as a seesaw switch, operates the same way as a toggle, except the switch lever itself has a different shape just like the cold heading process animation. It has a flat design that sits almost flush against the wall plate and rocks back and forth to turn the lights on and off.


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Push-Button Light Switches


A push-button light switch is a classic design that has enjoyed a style revival. For those who have a vintage home decor scheme or want a unique design, this type of switch is perfectly suited. Of course, I think the tungsten contact rivets can match them very well.


Then, it is time to talk about dimmers. Chances are that you’ve seen a dimmer switch once or twice in your life just like the stamped sheet metal panels that you may see before. They’re commonly found in bathrooms and dining rooms as well as the contact components. The control for a dimmer is like a little sliding lever that you can use to increase or decrease the brightness for lighting in a room. These are great if you want to have a nice romantic dinner with your partner.


The three main types of dimmer switches are resistive, fluorescent, and inductive dimmers. Resistive dimmers are used for lamps with a filament, inductive dimmers for LED lights, and fluorescent dimmers for fluorescent lights. Dimmer controllers include slide dimmers with or without a preset switch, tap, and rocker dimmers.


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Resistive Dimmers


Resistive dimmers are meant for lights that contain filament and are split into two categories. There are leading-edge resistive dimmers and trailing edge resistive dimmers. You can use leading-edge dimmers with everything from transformers powering 12V lamps and constant current LEDs to halogen and incandescent lights.


Trailing-Edge Resistive Dimmers


Trailing-edge resistive dimmers are more expensive just like the silver bimetal contact rivets and harder to come by. The higher price tag for trailing-edge dimmers is on account of the added function that they have. For instance, trailing-edge dimmers are soft-start, indicating that they can turn on to low light and let you bring it up accordingly and freely.


Fluorescent Dimmers


Fluorescent dimmers are explicitly meant for dimming fluorescent lights. They are more complex than the alternatives owing to the nature of fluorescent lamps themselves. Unlike resistive dimmers, fluorescent dimmers can not extend the life span of bulbs. Likewise, contact center components can not prolong the contact’s life.


Inductive Dimmers


Inductive dimmers are much different and distinct than fluorescent and resistive dimmers in that they are not used in homes for the most part. It is also of vital importance for these dimmer industries, manufacturers, and suppliers just like the bimetal contact rivets manufacturers.

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