Do You Know About Socket Screws?
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Do You Know About Socket Screws?

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Do You Know About Socket Screws?

In the beginning, we need to understand what is a socket screw? Actually, socket screws are a type of screw designed and produced with a hexagonal internal drive which is built into the head. And they are aimed at tightening and loosening with a wrench or hex key. This is the main characteristic that sets a socket screw apart from other screw head drive styles such as the Hfengln head screw, slotted, and flathead screws, to name just a few.


Another evident difference is that socket screws are often squared off at the tip just like an electrical silver contact point for contactor, which is usually regarded as flat point socket screws. They tend to be the most widely used type found in many common applications like silver copper-clad metal strips.


40. socket screw 2

To be honest, there is no much physical difference between socket screws and regular screws for the majority of daily uses. In brief, socket screws have combined some of the increased performance merits of other common hex fasteners just like the cold heading fasteners, people’s lives have become smooth and delightful. It is very useful in many situations, particularly when you work in specific spaces or areas without convenient access to secure externally wrenched hex fasteners.


Then, you should know the advantages of socket screws so that you can make decisions easier to buy socket screws. The higher torque and clamping force that can be achieved with a socket screw makes them a preferable option in many applications such as a&i metal stamping. When compared to common screws and bolts, socket screws can often display some advantages on relevant occasions which will be clearly illustrated in the following passage.


As socket screws can particularly offer greater clamping force than standard screws and many other kinds of fasteners such as contact rivets fasteners, fewer socket screws can be used in a given application to realize the same clamping force on the joint or metal stamping parts. In most cases, if you use fewer screws, you can reduce hardware costs. As fewer holes to drill and tap into mounting surfaces, it can greatly save time and decrease potential damage to components like contact center components.


Moreover, it has a lower weight. The trend towards lightweight constructions just like electrical contact rivets is a bit improved on account of their smaller individual size than many other screw types and fastening components such as stamped components. In particular, the shape of heads and internal drives of socket screws are way smaller in diameter than fasteners with external hex heads. Therefore, it will need less room for installation.


40 socket screw 3

Finally, you need to know about socket screw materials as there are a variety of materials used in the manufacture of socket screws. The most common materials are steel and stainless steel just like stainless steel stamping parts, whose alternatives include brass, aluminum, black nickel, chrome socket screws, and so on. The most suitable and optimal material to choose will depend on the specific application where the socket screw will be used. For example, if you want to apply this screw to your cold roll forming process, you will find out that it is quite good.

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