Do You Know How To Choose The Right Light Switch?
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Do You Know How To Choose The Right Light Switch?

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Do You Know How To Choose The Right Light Switch?

As is known to all, switches are primarily designed to control many things such as roller shutters, cold heading fasteners, and ventilation by controlling a power supply. What kind of light switch you should choose is a hard problem. But you should keep in mind that the safety standards for installing the switch will vary from country to country. There are switches leading to less energy consumption, which is beneficial to our environments.


How to choose the ideal light switch for your house? It is as important as choosing cold-forming stainless steel. There is no doubt that it is necessary for consumers to consider a large number of elements when they are going to purchase light switches. In the beginning, you would better know something about its type, material, style, and finish.  What’s more, you should know how to install it, where it is safe or not, and its trends.


When choosing the type of light switch, you should take the ease of use, style, and function into consideration. Here’s a list of the different types that you can learn.


Push-button: A simple electric or air switch mechanism can turn the light on or off. As we all know, there are certain models which can display other functions. The button is often made of metal or plastic just like the stamped sheet metal.


Toggle: It is made up of a lever that can be moved up and down to operate the light, which makes our life more convenient and colorful.


Rocker: A spring-loaded rocker is usually integrated into the switch as well as metal stamping parts. Similar to the toggle, it can be moved up and down to operate the light. But the rocker does not have a lever but a flat surface.


Rotary: It runs by rotation and usually has a special mechanism so that you can hear it click from one active position to the other. You may see such occasions in a factory of a metal stamping parts manufacturer.


Touch: As the name indicates, when you touch the surface of the switch to operate the light, it seems that you would touch a touchscreen.


Automatic: It is a switch coupled to a motion detector, which is widely used in cellars and basements just like the stamped metal panels.


Key card: Often used in hotels just like the stamped sheet metal panels, key card switches operate as a room key and activate the light switches when the card is inserted into the slot provided. This prevents lighting from being left on when the room is unoccupied, which is really efficient in saving energy.

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Key lock: Like a typical door key, the key is inserted into the switch lock and turned to operate the light. It is also beneficial to saving energy.


Remote-controlled: As you can imagine, the light can be controlled using remote devices just like the machines of stamping parts manufacturers. It is really helpful in our daily life. Supposing that when you are ill and lie down on your bed, you want to turn on your television so that this function is really ideal for you.


Pull: This activates light by means of a chain or string and it is mostly used to operate a ceiling light.


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After knowing various kinds of a light switches, you should know about smart switches as well as the contact components. As is known to all, the smart light switch can be directly controlled by an app on your smartphone. Moreover, it can often be controlled using your voice. It can be eternally connected to the home or building network through Wi-Fi.


Do you know what is a dimmer switch or silver contact rivet? Actually, a dimmer switch can permit you to change the brightness of a light, which can be useful for rooms used for activities requiring different light intensities. When choosing a dimmer switch, consumers need to ensure that it is compatible with the type of light source.

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