Do You Know Power Sockets, Sockets and Power Plug?
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Do You Know Power Sockets, Sockets and Power Plug?

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Do You Know Power Sockets, Sockets and Power Plug?

As we all know, electronic equipment such as electrical contact rivets is inevitable in our life nowadays and it needs the power to run electronic devices. How should you know which one is the right adapter or the most suitable silver contact rivets? To be frank, the switched power supply units can usually adapt to varieties of different voltages and frequencies just like klassen metal stamping. As for the plug, it must be adapted to the socket as it is unique.


43 power plug 3

For example, most laptop power supplies have corresponding protection measures to prevent them from disorders like stamping die parts. Therefore, the laptop power supply will have a capacitor which is usually connected between the minus DC output pin and the Earth pin on the power plug. There are several kinds of sockets which may be as helpful as stamped metal panels, which will be demonstrated as follows.


German socket


The earth pins of German sockets are the clips on both sides. The voltage of it should be 230V AC. What you should know is that the cold heading manufacturing is also highly demanding with the voltage. Its pin spacing should be 19mm and the pin diameter should be 4.8mm. It has been widely used all over the world such as in Italy.


French socket (plug Type-E)


In France, the type of power socket is similar to the German one except that the earth pin is coming out of the socket. Thus, its voltage, pin spacing, and pin diameter are all the same. This socket also enjoys a large market just like cold forming stainless steel. You can get plugs which will fit in Germany and France and still have a proper earth connection. They have contact rivets on the sides for the clamps and also take the French earth pin:


43 power plug 2

Denmark, Greenland, plug Type-K


This is similar to the French connector but the earth pin goes in. Its voltage, pin spacing, and pin diameter are also all the same as the German one.


Switzerland, Liechtenstein, swiss-plug, plug Type-J


The earth of this type is the pin in the middle, slightly off center. The voltage is 230V AC, pin spacing is 19mm, and pin diameter is 4.0mm. If consumers are fond of this one, they can purchase it and other products such as cold heading fasteners directly.



Italy, Chile, plug Type-L



The earth is the pin in the middle. Its voltage should be 230V AC and its pin diameter should be4.0mm.


Most of Europe (mainland Europe), plug Type-C

As you can see, the primary difference between all the European plugs is the earth pin and the pin diameter. The voltage is all the same. Thus, it is possible to build a travel adapter which can fit in all those counties in mainland Europe as long as no earth connection is needed.


There is even a plug called Europlug that can greatly fit in all the European wall outlets except Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta. The pin diameter is standard and it can be bent a tiny bit to create reliable contact components in sockets. The pin spacing is 19mm. What’s more, the plug has pins with insulating sleeves to improve safety.


Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, plug Type-H


The earth pin of this plug is the third pin at the bottom. The voltage must be 230V AC. Pin spacing is 19mm while pin diameter should be 4.5mm which is slightly different from others above all.

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