Do You Know What Is A Switch Assembly?
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Do You Know What Is A Switch Assembly?

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Do You Know What Is A Switch Assembly?

To be general, a switch assembly is a device which is designed to turn a mechanism on or off. A switch assembly can be usually discovered in push or pull momentary, or toggle versions. The common switch assembly is aimed at working with an electrical charge such as electrical contact rivets to respond in a device, though pneumatic, magnetic, and optical style switches also have a wide variety of functions just like a silver copper-clad metal strip.

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Most types of switches are used for breaking and connecting an electrical circuit. When the switch assembly is in the closed position, the circuit is complete, and the current is able to flow smoothly through the switch. You should know that when the switch is in the open or off position, the current can not continue through the circuit, which is as crucial as vulcan metal stamping in its process.


As many switches are wired into the positive electrical current, others are wired into the ground side of the electric circuit. With a pneumatic switch assembly, the air is allowed to flow through the switch when it is in the closed position and is restricted when the switch is open. It is as useful as stamped metal panels.


Actually, a light switch can be viewed as an example of a switch assembly device as well as electrical contact rivets. As is known to all, a disconnect switch, or disconnector, can utterly cut off the power, for safety reasons or maintenance. It is of vital significance for the safety of human beings. If they come across emergencies, they can respond swiftly to make sure they can be shut down in no time. Thus, you will understand its importance which is the same as stamping die components.


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What’s more, you should know more about the components of a typical electrical switch assembly which include the contacts, terminals, and a switching mechanism. The contacts just like tungsten contact rivets are the parts within the switch body that are bridged or opened to permit or stop electrical current to flow through the switch. Then, when it comes to terminals, we should know that they are the exterior components which are attached to the specific part to keep the switch in position and let electricity enter and exit the switch body fluently. Just like the auto stamping parts, they are used for good stamping to a large extent.


Finally, the switching mechanisms can usually differ from cold forming. To be frank, it can be depressed to connect, such as a starter switch, and to disconnect, such as a kill switch. Moreover, switches have a myriad of designs so that customers can select what they like according to their preferences from the simple off to a rheostat-type switch that can offer a wide array of settings from partially on to totally on, such as a volume switch.


To be concrete, tilt switches, also called mercury switches, use a metallic liquid to complete a circuit when the switch body reaches a certain angle. This type of switch assembly is often used to turn on a service light under an automobile hood. When the hood is opened to a certain extent, the switch can send power to the under-hood light so as to turn it on. Once the hood is closed and the switch is placed at another angle, the light is turned off. This design is as wonderful as the design of silver clad-copper strips.

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