Do You Know Why Can Fuses Be Safe Enough?
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Do You Know Why Can Fuses Be Safe Enough?

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Do You Know Why Can Fuses Be Safe Enough?

There is something that you should know about fuse which is common to see in our daily life just like contact center components. Fuse can also be called current fuse, which is defined as fuse link in iec127 standard. To be frank, the fuse is a kind of alloy wire with a low melting point just like the Copper Silver Alloy, which is composed of low melting point alloy materials such as lead, tin, and antimony. It is a wonderful device to protect the circuit as well as contact components, which is able to limit the passing current to a safe range so that it can help you avoid some dangerous situations.


For example, once there is leakage, short circuit, or overload, the fuse will blow in no time and cut off the power supply in time so as to effectively protect the electrical appliances. As you can see, the fuse is as important as contact rivets in our daily life. Actually, a common fuse is generally made of three parts, which include the melted part, the electrode part, and the support part.


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There is no doubt that the melted part is the core of the fuse, which plays the vital role of cutting off the current when fusing. What you should know is that the melts of the same type and specification shall have the same material and geometric dimensions. Moreover, the resistance value will be as small and consistent as possible, which is similar to products like stamped sheet metal panels. What matters the most is that the fusing characteristics will also be the same.


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To be general, there are usually two electrodes of the fuse. It is absolutely a crucial part which is aimed at connecting the melt and the circuit. It not only needs good conductivity but also will not produce obvious installation contact resistance. Most of the fuse melts are thin and soft and the support can make the melt fixed and make the three parts of the fuse a rigid whole for installation and use. If you want to purchase a good quality fuse, you need to ask manufacturers to be more strict with their factories just like the stamping parts factory.


Although the fuse is a bit small, it is an integral part of the complete circuit. Of course, stamped components can also be important in such circuit. In most times, each fuse will be clearly marked with the rated specification so that consumers can know better about them so as to avoid any unexpected things. When the current exceeds the rated specification of the fuse and reaches the fusing limit, the fuse will automatically fuse to cut off the circuit and protect the electrical appliances such as electrical contact rivets.


When the current between the conventional non-fusing current and the rated breaking capacity which is specified in relevant standards acts on the fuse, the fuse will work normally and will not make the surrounding environment be in danger. The expected fault current determined by the circuit with fuse must be less than the rated breaking capacity current specified in the standard, otherwise, there will be continuous arcing, ignition, fuse burning, melting together with contacts such as brass stamping terminal parts silver contacts, and other associated phenomena in case of fault. We should try our best to prevent such terrible results from happening. Therefore, all fuse manufacturers should attach more importance to their products’ quality just like bimetal contact rivets manufacturers.

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