Do you know the precautions for the selection of fasteners?
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Do you know the precautions for the selection of fasteners?

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Do you know the precautions for the selection of fasteners?

1. Substitute coarser for finer

When parts are missing in the repair, someone replaces them with coarse-threaded bolts. Because of the larger inner diameter, smaller pitch, and outer angle, fine pitch bolts have the advantages of high strength, good self-locking performance, and strong ability to withstand impact, vibration, and exchange loads. After being substituted with coarse pitch bolts, they are easy to lose or fall off and break, Causing a mechanical accident.

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2. The pores are not matched

The bolts (such as driveshaft bolts and flywheel bolts) on the machine that bears the lateral load and shearing force, their fit with the bolt holes are transitional fits, and the assembly should be strong and reliable, and able to withstand lateral forces. Someone did not pay attention to the inspection during the assembly, and the bolt was still installed when there was a large gap between the bolt and the bolt hole. As a result, the bolt was loose or cut off.


3. Thicken nut

Some people often mistakenly believe that thickening the nut can increase the number of working turns of the thread, thereby improving the reliability of the coupling. The thicker the nut, the more uneven the load distribution between the threads of each circle, and the easier it is to loosen the coupling.


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4. One female with multiple pads

During installation, sometimes the bolts after assembly are too long, so someone installs many spring washers on one bolt. In this way, the spring washers are not evenly stressed during the tightening process, and some will break, which will pre-tighten the bolts. The force drops; or eccentric load is generated, which reduces the reliability of the bolt connection.


5. The washer is too large

Sometimes, due to the lack of suitable gaskets, some people use gaskets with larger inner diameters instead. In this way, the contact area under the head of the bolt with the washer is small, the bearing pressure or locking force of the washer is reduced, and the bolt is easy to loosen under the action of vibration and impact load.


6. Torque does not match

Many people think that bolts should be "tighter than loose", so they consciously increase the tightening torque of the bolts, which results in slipping bolts. On the other hand, for important bolts that need to be tightened with torque. Some people try to save trouble with adjustable wrenches.


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