How Much Do You Know about Blind Rivets?
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How Much Do You Know about Blind Rivets?

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How Much Do You Know about Blind Rivets?

Blind rivet is a kind of metal stamping component and it is also a kind of fastener metal part. Usually the blind rivet metal part consists of a smooth cylindrical nail body and a flared nail head.

The use of blind rivets

When both ends of the component can be operated, there are many options for fasteners. However, if only one end of the component can be operated, the choice of fasteners will be greatly reduced. In this case, blind rivets are one of the choices. The blind rivet can be used to assemble many products, such as memory modules, jet engines etc. It is a new type of riveting fastener that is very convenient for riveting. Blind rivets stamped parts can fasten metals, plastics, composites, wood and fiberboard. It can show its own unique advantages in a relatively small space or in an environment where there is no rivet gun or the rivet gun cannot be used.

97-blind rivets stamped parts

The installation of blind rivets

When installing blind rivet parts, the fastener is inserted into the grabbing mechanism of the riveting tool, and then it is put into the prepared drilling or punching hole on the part. When the tool is activated, the jaws of the grasping mechanism clamp the mandrel and pull it into the rivet body. The end of the mandrel expands the wall of the rivet and makes it fill the hole. At the same time, the mandrel forms a load-bearing head or sphere at the end of the rivet to fix the plates together. When the tensile load acting on the mandrel exceeds the load required for the deformation of the rivet body, the mandrel will be disconnected at a predetermined position. Generally the materials of non-structural, semi-structural and institutional blind rivets are carbon steel, Stainless steel and aluminum.

The diameter of blind rivet stamped parts ranges from 3/32 inch to 3/4 inch. At present, many customers require larger diameter fasteners such as 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. So, the riveting range is also wider. At the same time, rivets developed with thin, soft and brittle materials are also attracting more attention. Blind rivet stamping components have a wide range of riveting and they are suitable for different industries, such as automobiles, home appliances, truck trailers, industrial equipment and renewable energy.

During installation, firstly the rivet metal component is placed on the gripping mechanism of the tool, and the operator inserts the fastener stamping part into the hole. After the tool is started, the nail core is pulled through the fastener, spreading the nail body and filling the hole. The mandrel is pulled out of the fastener, leaving a hole in the center of the rivet. Then, the next fastener is automatically provided and installed. It takes around 1.5 seconds in this process. This kind of steel rivet part with a bright zinc layer on the surface has two specifications, the smaller of which has a riveting range of 0.0078 Inch-0.105 inch, and the larger is 1/8 inch. Both can be installed in the hole from 0.129 inch to 0.131 inch.

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