How Much Do You Know about Tungsten Contacts?
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How Much Do You Know about Tungsten Contacts?

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How Much Do You Know about Tungsten Contacts?

In our daily lives, most electrical appliances use high-purity tungsten contacts parts, since it has the features of high melting point, slow evaporation rate, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. And tungsten contacts have longer cycle life than traditional metal contacts components. The important thing is that the contacts made of metal tungsten can ensure the circuit board to have good contact.


75- high-purity tungsten contacts parts

Why use metal tungsten to make electrical contacts?


Generally some factors including load type, contact pressure, operating frequency, contact material and use environment can affect the contact performance and cause some problems occurred such as welding between contacts, contact wear, electrochemical corrosion of contacts and increase of contact resistance when these factors cannot meet the working requirements. These problems maybe cause wrong operation and functional failure. The most serious thing is that it will cause potential safety hazards. So, selecting tungsten metal as contacts is very important for electronic devices.


We know that the current that opens the circuit and the voltage on the contact gap have a certain limit. When the certain limit is exceeded in the energized state, the contact gap will appear. The gas between the contacts will discharge in the condition of a strong electric field and generate sparks and strong light as the increase of the temperature. In this case, the metal surface of the contact will be corroded by the arc and make the service life of the electrical devices shorten, which can make the breaking time of the circuit extend to cause the contact failure, and even cause fire accidents. And it is very dangerous.


Metal contacts stamping parts are a kind of important components for many electrical products. And some control electrical devices including AC contactors, electromagnetic relays, electrical switches, and air switches all install electrical contacts. At present, many stamping machine parts manufacturers use metal tungsten to make electrical contacts, since it can improve the properties of contact points and overall quality of electrical equipments.


The advantages of tungsten contact


Generally speaking, the reliability and service life of the product depends on the contact performance to a large extent. Tungsten is used as electrical contact or contact material, which is resistant to arc ablation and has good resistance to melting. And the evaporation and consumption of the metal surface caused by electric heating is less. At the same time, it has strong ability to interrupt currents, and good resistance to wear and good performance. Compared with other metals or alloy materials, the price is low. So tungsten contacts and tungsten wafers are widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. Tungsten contacts parts are the contact points used to make or break the circuit in the switch, and they are often used in the contacts of AC contactors, automobiles, motorcycles, electric horns, magneto and other electrical products. 


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