How To Choose A Light Switch?
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How To Choose A Light Switch?

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How To Choose A Light Switch?

To be honest, light switches are an important part of a home’s mechanics just like contact center components, and are used to control numerous electrical devices such as electrical contact rivets, lamps, ceiling fans, home appliances, and outdoor lighting. Simply put, their main work is to open and close the electrical current that runs from a home’s electrical panel such as stamped metal panels to a light fixture or lamp.


First of all, we should know the history of the light switch. The light switch was firstly invented in 1884 by John Henry Holmes, who is a British electrical engineer and inventor. There was a new technology which caused the internal contacts in a light switch to break apart swiftly to keep the electricity arcing. Then the toggle switch was invented in the early 1900s and the dimmer switch first appeared in the 1950s. The last decade or so has brought significant changes in light switch technology through the advancement of electronics and smart technology such as the automotive stamping press. And automation of a home’s entire lighting system is now a reality.


The single-pole switch is the simplest and maybe the most common type of light switch, which can control a single light fixture from a single location. Without any doubt, it is perfect for smaller rooms as well as the bimetal contact rivets. Most switches in a home are single pole as single pole light switches have two brass terminal screws like the silver-clad strips and a toggle labeled ON and OFF. What’s more, most light switches also have a grounding screw that connects to the circuit's ground wire.


One terminal connects to the electrical wire coming from the home’s electrical stamped sheet metal panels while the other serves as the outgoing hot wire that connects to the fixture. A double light switch is a type of single pole switch that has two switches for controlling two light fixtures from a single location, for example, an overhead light fixture and a lamp.


A 3-way switch can better control a single bulb from two different locations, and so on for the 4-way switch. In most cases, a home will have several rooms in which the use of water is required, for example, kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and even spa rooms. When water and electricity will contact one another, a significant risk of electric shock exists, and this can have deadly consequences. Thus, manufacturers like metal stamping parts manufacturers must produce products such as aluminum stamping parts that can guarantee customers’ safety. There is no doubt that a waterproof light switch is an ideal solution for these types of rooms.

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Another type of light switch is the illuminated LED dimmer switch, which has a locator light. Certainly, it can be seen in the dark. It works via an internal circuit which is activated only when the switch is in the off position and provides just enough electricity to light up the rocker. The LED illuminated switch is the optimal option just like a sheet metal pressing tool for rooms or spaces that otherwise tend to be dark, such as basements, garages, and laundry areas.

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A pilot light switch is another useful type of illuminated light switch. However, it works in the totally opposite way, lighting up when the switch is in the ON position and serving as a helpful reminder for a light that's out of sight of the switch that’s been left on.

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