How to Clean Electrical Contacts Assemblies
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How to Clean Electrical Contacts Assemblies

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How to Clean Electrical Contacts Assemblies

Even during the normal use of electrical appliances, the electrical contact rivets may become dirty, which will affect the performance of the electrical appliances. But when cleaning electrical contact rivets, you cannot choose water, you need to choose some safe and effective products. If the electrical contacts are not too dirty, you can try to clean the contacts with a micro brush and contact cleaning fluid. If the appliance is particularly dirty, you will need to obtain a special cleaning product or kit.

Use Micro Brushes with Different Contact Cleaning Fluids

The micro brush is a mini disposable cleaning tool. It is very convenient to use a micro brush to clean small spaces, such as a mobile phone charger slot and contact center components. Usually, you can buy micro-brushes in electronics and office supply stores, or you can choose to buy them online.

1. Dip a Micro Brush into the Cleaning Solution

First, you need to dip a micro brush into the cleaning solution. It should be noted that you need to choose a cleaning solution that can be used to clean cisco ucce components, such as rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and nail polish remover. For places that are difficult to clean directly with a micro brush, you can try using a can of concentrated air or a pressurized contact cleaner.

2. Use a Micro Brush to Clean the Contacts

Before you clean the electrical metal stamping parts, you need to make sure that the plug has been unplugged. Then, you need to insert the part of the micro brush dipped in the solution into the electrical contact slot, or if it is exposed on the contact surface, wipe it with a brush. If there is a lot of liquid on the micro brush, wipe gently with a paper towel before cleaning the contacts.

3. Wait for the Electrical Contacts to Dry

After wiping the contacts, place the appliance on a flat platform and let it dry for at least 1 hour until you are sure it is completely dry. Generally speaking, alcohol will dry out quickly, in about a few minutes, but cleaning fluids, vinegar, or nail polish removers may take longer to dry.

Use the Contact Cleaner Kit

In addition to using a micro brush to clean the tungsten contact rivets, some manufacturers now produce contact cleaner kits. You can choose to use a more professional contact cleaner kit.

1. Read the Instructions for Use of the Contact Cleaner Kit

If you have purchased a professional special kit for cleaning tungsten contact rivets, you need to read its instructions first. Some kits may include multiple types of solutions, which can only be used for certain types of metals, such as gold, silver, and copper. In addition, you need to pay special attention to information about how long to leave electronic products before scrubbing or wiping them.

2. Use the Cleaning Tools in the kit to Remove Dirt and Debris

You'd better use a cleaning tool to remove as much dirt and debris on the silver bimetal contact rivets as possible. If the contacts are not exposed, you can choose a brush suitable for the socket to remove the dirt and expose the contacts. In addition, you need to pay attention to the purpose of each tool in the cleaning tool. Using the right tool can improve your cleaning efficiency.

11-electrical contact rivets

3. Apply the Solution According to the Instructions for Use

First unplug the electronic product and cut off the power supply. Then, use the applicator brush in the kit to apply the contact cleaning liquid on the electrical silver contact point for contactor, making sure that the cleaning liquid covers the entire surface of the contacts. Once the contacts are completely covered, you need to pay attention to time and keep the solution within the specified time according to the instructions.

4. Wipe the Contact Surface with a Brush or Lint-free Cloth

After the solution is left for the required time, wipe or brush it off again. You can use a special brush to wipe away the remaining debris on the brass stamping terminal parts silver contact. If the contacts are still dirty after wiping, you can repeat the above process. Or you can consider using an eraser to wipe the contacts.

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