How to Connect a Ground Wire Correctly?
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How to Connect a Ground Wire Correctly?

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How to Connect a Ground Wire Correctly?

Believe that everyone who is engaged in electrical work knows the importance of the grounding wire. But in actual work, some people don’t know how to connect it correctly, which causes the grounding resistance to exceed the specified value or loses the role of the grounding wire. In this article, we will tell you in details how to connect the ground wire in the production site.

We all know that grounding wire plays an important role and it can provide a connection for the ground and some electrical devices or ground lead wire and light fixtures etc. Usually they are connected to a ground screw or screw terminal connection of some electrical devices or stamping metal components, such as light fixture, receptacle outlet, electrical junction metal parts etc. Of course, the screws are low in price, and easy to replace and disassemble.

1. In damp and corrosive gas or steam places, all metal parts connections between the grounding wire and the grounding device should be welded. If there is not such condition, you can use galvanized bolts stamping parts with better corrosion resistance for firm connection, and effective anti-corrosion measures must be taken to ensure that the grounding resistance and the grounding system are intact and normal.

2. If the galvanized steel pipe part is used as the grounding wire, reliable electrical connection should be ensured at the connection of the steel pipe. And all concealed steel pipes and the exposed steel pipes in the neutral point directly grounded power grid should solder jumper wires on both sides of the pipe joints. If the wire-coated steel pipe is used as the grounding wire, it is also necessary to ensure that there is a reliable electrical connection between the steel pipe leading to the electrical equipment and the equipment. In some power grids where the neutral point is not directly grounded, the exposed steel pipes can be connected by pipe joints metal parts or jumper wires to achieve reliable electrical connection.

93-electrical junction metal parts

3. When using metal pipe stamping parts such as water and heating pipes for grounding operations, it is best to connect the grounding wire by welding. If the connection by welding is not possible, the connection can be made by clamping by a clamp, but it must be ensured that the electrical metal contact is good. For the instruments on the pipeline such as valves etc., jumper wires should be laid.

4. When the ground wire is connected to the ground electrode buried in the ground, it is strictly forbidden to connect by bolt fastening components, and it must be connected by welding. When the ground wire is connected with electrical equipment, bolt connection component can be used. Here reminder that a spring washer with the function of preventing loosening must be installed when the bolt connection is adopted.

5. For the main transformer that is directly grounded, when the neutral point of the generator is connected to the grounding electrode or grounding bus, an independent grounding wire must be used, and it is strictly forbidden to borrow, share other return ground wires.

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