How to Consider for the Design of Automotive Electrical Contacts and Terminals?
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How to Consider for the Design of Automotive Electrical Contacts and Terminals?

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How to Consider for the Design of Automotive Electrical Contacts and Terminals?

With the development of science and technology, the electrical systems and precision metal stamping parts of modern vehicles are becoming more complex year by year. Nowadays, many electronic operating devices are installed most modern vehicles and provide convenient services and important feedback for the driver. Generally, electronic devices can perform lots of onboard functions automatically by integrating engine control components and operating efficiency modules. Of course, it needs advanced contact components, wiring harnesses, microprocessors and sensors etc. which connect to the electrical systems of vehicles. Therefore, contact stamping parts, terminals and relays are indispensable. Then how to consider for the design of automotive electrical contacts and terminals? This article will discuss and analyze about this issue, hoping to be of reference value for related designers.


85-advanced contact components

We know that the connector contact terminal part is one of the important parts in electric vehicles. In the process of installing and configuring the car shrapnel contact terminal part, the characteristics of its quality are mainly stress, pull-out force and insertion force. After the terminal is used for a period of time, it is necessary to ensure that it will not be deformed. When designing, it needs to be optimized through the finite element analysis method and the response surface method. The connector designed in this way will not reduce the electrical performance of the connector. And it can also improve the mechanical insertion force to a greater extent.


In electric vehicles, electronic connectors are electromechanical systems and occupy an important position among the entire devices. It mainly relies on mechanical energy to give the car a separation interface to complete the electrical connection, so that the two sets of secondary electronic systems can be connected together, and it can also play a role in insulation protection for each connection circuit of the car. The female end shrapnel can give the car a positive contact force and significantly enhance the transmission effect, so it is necessary to continue to increase the positive contact force. However, as the positive contact force continues to increase, the insertion and extraction force will be correspondingly increased, which also increase the difficulty of operation, and reduce the service life of the connector to a greater extent. Therefore, in electric vehicle connectors, the main application of shrapnel contact terminals is to analyze electro-thermal coupling analysis and nonlinear dynamic stress etc., which can combine with connector development experience, and comprehensively study the design and optimization of connector shrapnel contact terminals.


Contact parts design for applications of automotive Industry


In the automotive industry, since the connector establishes the connection interface mainly through the use of male and female terminals, the separation characteristics of the connection interface are mainly tested with the help of the shrapnel structure, so the role of the shrapnel structure in the electric vehicle connector is very significant. How to choose contact stamping parts material? The main parameters listed as follows:



Thermal stability

Electrical conductivity

Electrical and thermal resistance

High signal passing ability or conductivity


Designers of automotive electrical contact systems may refer to above parameters to choose the suitable contact stamped parts when designing. What is more, cost of materials is also required to be considered. 

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