How to Know the Quality of Silver Contacts?
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How to Know the Quality of Silver Contacts?

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How to Know the Quality of Silver Contacts?

In daily life, silver contacts stamped components broadly refer to the intersection of the separation and contact of electronic appliances when they are disconnected and closed. Because metal conductor terminals are prone to instantaneous heat and sparks at the moment of contact, the multi-frequency process in which the contact points are used. In this case, oxidation and electrolysis are prone to occur. In order to solve this issue, the contact point is increased and thickened, or it is made of polymer metals, for example, copper and silver are mostly used. Therefore, people call this contact point made of polymer metal, or the point that is thickened by the same material as silver contact. Then how to know the quality of silver contacts? First of all, let us get to know the features of silver contacts stamped parts and related knowledge.


73-silver contacts stamped components

What features of silver contacts are?


The characteristics of silver contacts are that it increases the frequency of use of the conductor, and the contact effect, so that it can enhance the performance of the conductor. So, silver contacts are widely used in the production of electronic appliances, such as switches, relays, and the intersection fulcrums in conductive circuits etc., and they are mainly riveted on the terminals of various accessories by using a silver riveting machine. The main materials used for silver contacts are silver, copper, iron, aluminum etc. Generally they need to be plated with silver to enhance its conductive effect and prevent oxidation to improve the functions. So, silver contacts include composite silver contacts and silver-plated contacts.


Is there any difference between composite silver contacts and silver-plated contacts?


For some electrical devices such as rocker switches of coffee machines, metal contacts stamping parts inside are made of composite silver contacts. But the price of the contact part is much higher than that of silver-plated contacts. Then is there a substitute for composite silver contacts? If silver-plated contact is used on the machine, it will appear some issues, for example, the light of the switch was still on, but there was no current display. Seen from electrical products, silver-plated contacts cannot replace composite contacts. Silver-plating can only reduce the temperature rise of the contacts, and basically it has no effect on conductivity. If the switch is replaced with silver-plated contacts, the switch will not be burned, but problems will arise. Under the condition of ensuring quality, composite silver contacts are basically the lowest-priced electrical alloy products.


How to judge the quality?


The silver contacts used in switches can be judged good or bad. Usually the switch is closed through the opening and closing of the silver contacts on the copper sheet to achieve the energized state. The thickness of silver contacts directly affects the electrical conductivity. We know that the thickness of silver coating of ordinary switches is 0.2-0.3mm, and the thicker the thickness of silver coating is, the longer the service life of contact part is. So, this way can effectively reduce the generation of sparks during switch closing and prolong the service life of the switch.

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