Methods to Choose the Contacts for Connector
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Methods to Choose the Contacts for Connector

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Methods to Choose the Contacts for Connector

Generally, when connector manufacturers produce connectors, they will produce multiple types of contacts components for the connector, because there is no single-design connector contact that is suitable for all applications currently. So, most connector manufacturers will produce a series of contacts stamping parts for connector to complete the whole parts. Since electrical metal contact is an important element for connectors, it can establish the electrical connection. There are a variety of shapes, sizes and types for contacts, so, it is important to select suitable metal contacts for your application. After all, a good electrical contact part is the key to ensure the devices running normally. Then how to choose the contacts for your connector?


76-types of contacts components

Electrical contacts


We know that Contacts are the pins and sockets. And they are very small parts. Usually solder cup contacts and PC tail contacts are often preloaded, which is different from crimp contacts. Of course, it depends on different product series. For standard electrical contacts, electrical data can communicate information from a source to a destination. If the quantity of information is small, it is usually called as signals, which usually communicate basic information in binary form. People can find it in applications such as sensors or buttons. Of course, signal contacts are very small (#20, #16). Due to this reason, they can only transfer current between a few mA to a few A, and too much current and voltage cannot transfer.


For power contact, it can transfer voltage and current, so that the components and equipment can be operated. If small voltages are required in application, the contacts and signal contacts can be same. But for large energy-intensive applications, large sized contacts (#12 or size #8) must be required. For example, industrial power contacts need larger sized contact since they need to deliver up to a few dozen Amps of current. So, selecting contacts depends on the requirements of application.


Selecting contacts


Contact works for the amperage and voltage and it must ensure the amperage and voltage to run through the circuit. So, they are the first element to consider when selecting. After that, you need to choose the right sizes and matched contacts for your connectors available. What is more, you need to make sure the current carrying capacity which suit for your connector and contacts. You must know that the contacts can produce heat. In the condition of electrical current going through the connector, the more the contacts with the same size and capacity are, the more heat the connector bears.


In order to convenient understanding, we will give an example. Suppose that the max operating temperature is 120° C, in this case, your connector will go into a machine of 115° C high temperature, and the heat of the contacts will be above 120° C due to it can produce heat, which will damage the machine. So, you must consider the heat that the contacts produce. And you must find the balance between the current carrying capacity of the connector and the contacts capacity in the condition of satisfying the electrical requirements. 

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