Methods to Prevent Composite Silver Contacts from Being Oxidized
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Methods to Prevent Composite Silver Contacts from Being Oxidized

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Methods to Prevent Composite Silver Contacts from Being Oxidized

Generally silver contacts components refer to the intersection of electrical devices and electronic components that separate and contact when opening and closing. Silver contact element is used as the central component of the electrical switch, and it is mainly used for contact sensors, relays, circuit breakers, cam controllers, compensators, travel switches, foot switches, auxiliary switches, etc. Since the metallic conductor terminal simply generates instantaneous heat and sparks when it is in contact, the silver contact point is used in the multi-frequency process. And silver can enhance the current-carrying capacity of the terminal, and it is cheap, but it is easy to corrode and blacken, and it does not resistant to plugging. Then how to prevent composite silver contacts from being oxidized?


68-silver contacts components

1. The silver contact riveting workshop should be dust-free to prevent foreign matter such as dust from adhering to the metal contact surface during processing. Here special reminder that pay attention to the surrounding environment of the processing site and separate the organic plastic material from the metal contact element, which can prevent the organic matter from adhering to the contact surface and causing poor contact. 


2. The person performing the riveting process must do it before operating the finger cots. Do not touch the silver surface of the contacts as much as possible in order to prevent oxidation and blackening. What is more, the ambient temperature to suit for silver contact processing workshop is 22~24°C, and the relative humidity is 40~55%RH. 


3. In order to prevent the silver contacts from vulcanizing and yellowing, the opened silver contacts will be used up within 12 hours. If it is not used up, please seal the remaining contacts from the beginning. Of course, the vacuum packaging is preferable. Electric sparks may occur during the operation of the contacts. And the contact surface becomes uneven and smaller, which can increase resistance to increase temperature.


4. The primary materials of silver contacts are silver, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Silver plating is usually required to improve their conductivities and prevent oxidation. The content of silver-containing cadmium oxide in the contacts is 88%, 85%, 40%, 30%. The input voltage of the cam controller is not higher than 109% of the rated voltage, and there is no obvious vibration. When the environmental pollution is relatively light, the contact life of 88%, 85%, 40% of silver cadmium oxide is more than 100,000 times, and the contact life of 30% of silver cadmium oxide can reach more than 50,000 times. Mixed silver point and copper-based point contact point It is suitable for cam controllers with less cutting.


5. As mentioned, we know that oxidation and electrolysis only occur in multi-frequency processes. Generally the same material can increase the contact points made of polymer metal. If use polymer metals instead of copper and silver, they can avoid blackening and can increase the contact points by thickening. So the contact points made of polymer metals or the same kind of information will increase. Of course, the thickened contact points are often called silver contacts as well. 

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