Single Copper Contact
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Single Copper Contact Single Copper Contact
Single Copper Contact Single Copper Contact
Single Copper Contact Single Copper Contact


Single Copper Contact

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Custom electrical contacts, battery contact plate, precision metal stamping manufacturer in China



Single Copper Contact 

1. Composite contact parameters of silver alloy:

Head diameter: 30 1 mm - 30 8 mm

Foot diameter: 0.6 mm - 4.5 mm 30 30

Thickness of composite layer: 0.15mm-2.0mm

Surface treatment: nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, etc

Contact type: rivet contact, button contact, welding contact

Product characteristics: high conductivity, low contact 

resistance, long life characteristics

2. Main products:

01. Rivet contact: integral silver contact, integral copper rivet, electroplating contact (silver-plated contact, nickel-plated contact, gold-plated contact, etc.), composite contact, triple composite contact

02. Plate contact: circular contact, plate contact, polygonal contact, powder metallurgy contact, welding contact, silver-tungsten contact

03. Silver electrode plate: electroplated pure silver plate, silver alloy plate and silver electrode plate

04. Composite strip

05. Metal stamping parts

3. Materials: copper Cu, sterling silver Ag, silver cadmium oxide AgCdO, silver nickel AgNi, silver tin oxide AgSnO, silver zinc oxide AgZnO, silver tin oxide indium AgSnO2ln2O3, copper nickel CuNi, silver cerium AgCe, silver tungsten AgW, copper tungsten CuW, etc.

4. Specifications and models: customized according to customer's drawing requirements.

5. Silver price reference: China silver network

China metal information network

6. Areas of application: all kinds of relay, contactor, thermostat, all kinds of current levels of contactor, all kinds of unipolar and bipolar and multipolar switch, molded case air switch, leakage switch, dc speed switches, CAM switch, contactor, protection switch, electric switch, indoor thermostat, micro switches and breaking capacity relay and aviation industry with all kinds of switches.

7. Quality certificate: iso90001:2000, ISO/ ts16949:2009, SGS, international environmental RoHS certification.

WENZHOU HUIFENG ALLOY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Support rivet contact OEM, if your company has cooperation intention, welcome to send the product drawings or samples to us, we will be the first time for your quotation, accounting, trial production.

Friendly clew: the price of contact, rivet changes as market silver price!

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