Suggestions for Using Silver Contacts
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Suggestions for Using Silver Contacts

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Suggestions for Using Silver Contacts

As we all know, different silver contacts parts are widely used in various high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronic appliances, rocker switches, power switches, relays, circuit breakers, sensors, controllers, starters, contactors and many other fields, since they have many good characteristics, such as increasing the frequency of use of the conductor, increasing the contact effect, and enhancing the performance of the conductor and so on. So, silver contact products are also widely used in the production of electronic appliances such as switches, relays, thermostats, and cross-point fulcrums in conductive circuits etc. Here we will give several suggestions for properly using metal silver contacts.


83-metal contact rivets

1. Generally, small silver contacts components are mainly riveted to the terminals of various accessories by using metal contact rivets through silver riveting machine. The rivet head needs to be lightly assembled and disassembled. It can be installed vertically or rotated upwards. When disassembling, the rivet head must be rotated and slowly pulled out. Otherwise the rivet seat inside the machine will be pulled out together. If the riveting seat of the plug-in riveting head is pulled out of the normal position, the position of the riveting head will be obviously deviated after installing the riveting head. At this time, the red safety cover should be removed and the riveting seat can be used after installing it in place, otherwise the machine will be easily damaged.


2. The adjustment of riveting pressure should be as small as possible, and it subjects to sufficient pressure. After the pressure is adjusted, the pressure gauge switch must be turned off to prevent the pressure gauge from being damaged due to pressure changes. Please reduce the pressure as much as possible in the first adjustment. Otherwise, the riveting head will be easily damaged.


3. Please always keep the silver contact clean to prevent dust and other objects from adhering to the surface of contact in the process of silver contact parts installation.


4. In order to avoid organic matter adhering to silver contact surface, when using, please make sure the surrounding environment clean. And wear professional finger cots or gloves to install to avoid directly touch the surface of silver contact to cause oxidation.


5. When using, the temperature and relative humidity should be suitable to avoid silver contacts occurred problems such as oxidation or blackening.


6. The remaining contacts should be sealed in the vacuum bags in order to avoid vulcanization of silver contacts and make shiny silver contacts parts become yellow.


7. When installing composite silver contact parts, make sure that the main power cord is closest to the leading end of the silver contact, and then install it firmly in the order of flat washers, spring washers, and nuts, or use self-locking nuts directly. Incorrect connection sequence may cause severe overheating and cause the insulation layer of the connecting cable to melt.


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