What Differences between Several Alloy Silver Contacts?
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What Differences between Several Alloy Silver Contacts?

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What Differences between Several Alloy Silver Contacts?

For pure silver contacts components and alloy silver contacts parts, which one is better when choosing? What differences between them? Today, we will talk about this issue.


70-pure silver contacts components

The features of pure silver and fine-grained silver


Pure silver and fine-grained silver has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, low and stable touch resistance, good welding and processing functions. Fine-grained silver greatly refines material arrangement of crystal grains. When the touch resistance is almost the same, the mechanical strength and temperature resistance of silver contacts are higher than that of silver. Therefore, its resistance to capacitive welding and arc burn resistance are better than silver. So, fine-grained silver contacts are widely used in small-capacity low-voltage electrical appliances, such as relays, timers, auxiliary switches, household appliances switches, control switches, etc.


The features of silver zinc oxide - AgZn


Silver zinc oxide contacts are compared with silver oxide barrier contacts. Silver zinc oxide does not contain toxic metal cadmium, which may pollute the environment. The metal oxides have high thermal stability, excellent thermal conductivity, and high heat resistance during the on-off process. So, it has the features of Arc erosion resistance and welding resistance. These features make silver alloy contacts ensure the reliability of electrical operation and increase the service life. Therefore, it is mainly used for relays, air switches, motor protectors, micro switches, instruments, household appliances, leakage protection switches, automotive appliances such as light switches, starter motors, etc.


The features of silver nickel - AgNi


Silver nickel is more resistant to welding and burning than pure silver or fine-grained silver. As the nickel content of high melting point phase increases, the solder resistance and burn resistance of the contacts are improved. All silver-nickel contacts have good workability and are easy to weld. Data handling is small when the DC is switched on and off. So, it is widely used in low-voltage switchgear, such as relays, low current touch devices, light switches, thermostats, circuit breakers which form asymmetric matching contacts with AgC, AgZnO, etc. 


The feature of silver Oxidation Separate - AgCdO


Silver cadmium oxide is the most widely used contact material for low-voltage electrical appliances. In the process of using silver cadmium oxide contacts, there is a good resistance to arc burning, welding resistance and low touch resistance from beginning to end. The production process includes powder metallurgy (burning and kneading) internal oxidation method, and the content of oxidation barrier is 15-20wt%. However, cadmium and oxidation barriers are not good for health and the environment, so the use of silver oxidation barriers is prohibited by some countries. It is mainly used in various low-voltage switchgears, such as micro switches, relays, lighting switches, touch devices, household appliances switches, various protection switches, and some circuit breakers.


The feature of silver tin oxide/silver tin oxide indium oxide


Silver tin oxide or silver tin oxide indium oxide has outstanding burn resistance and welding resistance. By adding some additives and using powder metallurgy techniques and internal oxidation techniques, it can realize low contact resistance and stable temperature rise. When DC power is applied, there is little material handling and a non-toxic environment created. So, it is widely used in various types of touch devices, relays, circuit breakers and switches. 

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