What Industries Are Silver Contact Products Used In?
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What Industries Are Silver Contact Products Used In?

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What Industries Are Silver Contact Products Used In?

We know that silver contact products can be used in many fields, such as industry, agricultures and power systems etc. since there are many advantages. Metal silver contacts components and other original accessories are also widely used in various high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronic appliances, rocker switches, power switches, relays, circuit breakers, sensors, controllers, starters, contactors and many other fields. Its shrinking trend also reflects the market trend of downstream industries to a certain extent. Of course, for companies specializing in silver contacts, this may just be a normal rhythm.


The classification of silver contacts


Silver contact is a switch that uses metal contacts to open or close a circuit, break current, or make it flow to other circuits. In the field of silver contacts, it is generally divided into pure silver contact parts, silver nickel alloy contacts, silver tin oxide contacts, silver cadmium oxide contacts and so on. Silver cadmium oxide and silver nickel alloy contacts are widely used in the switch industry.


82-silver cadmium oxide contacts

The characteristics of silver contacts


Downstream industries have requirements for product performance: excellent electrical conductivity, small and stable contact resistance, high chemical stability, wear resistance and arc burn resistance. As everyone knows that pure silver has the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, plasticity and arc corrosion resistance, and it has a very low contact resistance, easy to process, easy to weld, so it is an ideal contact material for making continuous closed electrical connectors and electrical connection. It is currently one of the most commonly used materials in small-capacity low-voltage electrical appliances.


Analysis for silver contact Industry


The comprehensive strength of enterprises in the silver contact industry including core resources such as capital, management, marketing, and talents etc. is not strong, the number of enterprises is small, and the technical level is generally not high. Few companies can truly lead the entire industry, so the whole industry concentration is low.


Silver contacts are mainly used for low-voltage electrical appliances. The rapid development of domestic power construction has greatly increased the demand for low-voltage electrical appliances, providing a broad development space for the entire industry. At present, when developing high-end products, some of the international advanced low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers are actively developing economical low-voltage electrical products, and are trying to seize the domestic middle and low-end markets through various channels. This requires domestic companies to accurately grasp the development trend of their products.


The development of silver contact industry


In the next few years, as the continuous innovation of production technology in the whole industry, especially the rapid development of electronics, microelectronics technology and computers, silver contacts will have a profound impact on low-voltage electrical components. A new generation of low-voltage smart electrical appliances will replenish the blank of high-end low-voltage electrical products. The strength of the original companies is limited, which is reflected in the low industry concentration. In order to meet the needs of this development, more emerging companies will inevitably begin to engage in the research and development of silver contact products, and the number of companies in the contact parts manufacturing industry will increase.

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