What is the Main Application for Silver Contact Material of Switch Socket?
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What is the Main Application for Silver Contact Material of Switch Socket?

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What is the Main Application for Silver Contact Material of Switch Socket?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for product quality and experience, which includes switch sockets. A good switch socket is not only an exquisite design, but also a very rigorous selection of materials. Now let us take a look at what is the main application for silver contact material of switch socket.


Silver contact switch


The switch contact is the core component of the switch, and the materials used are very particular. There are currently three main types of contacts, silver contacts, silver-nickel alloys and silver-cadmium alloys.


78-silver contact material

1. Silver-cadmium alloy and silver-nickel alloy


We know that cadmium and nickel are heavy metals, so, silver-cadmium alloy contact or silver-nickel alloy contact maybe is harmful for the human body. On the other hand, the fusion of silver is not very ideal. Small particles of cadmium metal will be formed on the contact surface, and an arc will occur when electricity goes through.


2. Silver contacts


It can be said that silver is the ideal material for contacts at present. The switch socket used silver contacts can increase the frequency of use, and increase the contact effect. It has the feature of enhancing the performance of the conductor. This is the reason that it is widely used in the production of electronic appliances and devices, such as switches, relays, and cross-point fulcrums in conductive circuits etc.


Silver Contact Material of Switch Socket


We know that the silver on the silver contacts of the switch panel is silver. But it is not pure silver, of course, it is not 925 silver for jewelry. This kind of silver contact broadly refers to the intersection point where the electrical appliances are disconnected and contacted when they are disconnected and closed, which can promote metal contact point in the multi-frequency process, since it is prone to oxidation and electrolysis. So a lot of manufactures increase or thicken the contact points in the production, or use polymer metals such as copper, silver etc. to prevent contacts from oxidation and electrolysis.


Compared with the copper contacts of the switch socket, the silver contacts are better. The silver contacts are generally made of silver alloy, which has the advantages of wear resistance, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance. Of course, silver is good, and the conductivity of silver is good as well. In addition, generally the circuit contacts that have a fire condition will be silver-plated. The inside is copper, and the outside is plated with a thin layer of silver. The reason is that the silver is ignited by the contacts, and it will be like other metals to form an oxide layer outside. But silver oxide has better conductivity than pure silver. Therefore, when ignition cannot be avoided in general contacts, silver contacts or silver alloy contacts are used. The main materials used for silver contacts are silver, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Usually it is necessary to plate it with silver outside in order to enhance its conductive effect and prevent oxidation, so that the function can be improved.

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