What is the Role of Silver Contacts in the Circuit?
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What is the Role of Silver Contacts in the Circuit?

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What is the Role of Silver Contacts in the Circuit?

We know that silver contacts components are an indispensable device in many circuit supplies and mechanical equipment. Circuit guide devices and circuit protection devices are currently the two main types of equipment in circuits, that is to say, they are components that appear most frequently in circuits. Circuit guide devices include various silver contacts, moving and static iron cores, and metal contact heads. Then what is the role of silver contacts in the circuit?


80-silver contacts components

First of all, let us get to know the related knowledge of silver contact. The structure of silver contact includes a connecting body and a contact body integrally arranged in a columnar shape. The radius of the contact body of the product is larger than the radius of the connecting body, and the center of the other end surface of the connecting body protrudes outward to form a round convex surface. The round convex surface of the product is a silver coating on the surface of the product. The edge of the convex surface of the product is provided with an annular convex edge along the convex surface. The axial height of the convex surface of the product is greater than the axial height of the annular convex edge. The product has the feature of stable contact and can avoid poor contact or circuit breaker. And there are many advantages. The advantages of silver contact stamping part include low resistivity, good electrical conductivity, excellent and stable resistance to welding and arc erosion. The important thing is that it can prolong the service life of devices to make the circuit have a good property. Of course, the plating on contacts impacts the conductivity of the connection, as well as the durability of the contacts.  

Usually the circuit protection devices include high-voltage fuses, high-voltage circuit breakers, isolation switches, and negative pressure switches. Compared with the protection devices, the guiding devices have more protection devices. The principle of the guiding devices is to let the current in the circuit to pass easier the contact end of the wire, and the function of silver contact or electrical contact part is to "drain" in order to increase the use frequency of the circuit, and enhance the contact of circuit end. This is the main function of this type of guiding device, and there must be a protective device on the section of the circuit where the guiding device is located to ensure the safety of the circuit.


In mechanical equipment, small silver contact exists as a form of device, and does not exist alone. It can be said that it is called a contactor in machinery and it is a relatively efficient device. In comparison, the metal contact frequency of electrical appliance is increased during the energized work process after the machine is installed in the contactor, which has a certain effect on the production efficiency. As a metal component, silver contacts function is to make the conduction between conductors be stronger and more convenient to conduct electricity, which can be said to improve the overall performance of the conductor.

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