Whether silver-clad Copper Wire Can Replace Solid Silver Wire Or Not?
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Whether silver-clad Copper Wire Can Replace Solid Silver Wire Or Not?

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Whether silver-clad Copper Wire Can Replace Solid Silver Wire Or Not?

If you ask me, I think you should know something about silver-plated wire before you learn more about silver-clad copper wire and solid silver wire. There is no doubt that a majority of wire companies can provide silver-plated wire for the medical, electronic, aerospace, and defense industries.


Without any doubt, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals as well as the highest optical reflectivity so that it has a wide range of applications such as brass stamping terminal parts silver contacts. However, silver is a bit expensive compared with other metals such as copper, stainless steel, or alloy such as Copper Silver Alloy.


To be general, silver-plated wire will definitely offer excellent high-temperature lubricity so as to make it a preferred coating for high friction applications on surfaces exposed to temperatures up to 1200F. silver-plated wire also can provide excellent solderability and is commonly used for wire bonding and producing products such as silver copper-clad metal strips.

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A silver-plated wire is also used in many electronic and cable applications such as Oem Sheet Metal Riveting Electrical Contacts where signal stability is a big concern. The silver-plated wire is able to offer the most concentric coating thickness which is available to ensure complete coverage of the substrate.


Then, it is time to talk about silver-clad copper wire which is metallurgically bonded to OFHC copper core with 99.99% pure silver-cladding, or silver alloys such as Alloy Of Copper And Silver Semiconductors Ceramic, from 5%-60% by weight or by volume. Generally speaking, the silver-clad copper wire can provide electronics designers with a functionally equivalent alternative to solid-silver wire because this product has a smooth, consistent surface finish just like silver-clad Copper Strips. A formable and solderable wire is available in ODs from 0.002-0.125 inch and as ribbon up to 1 inch wide depending upon cladding thickness.


A high-quality silver-clad copper wire replacement for solid-silver wire in electronic switches just like electrical contact rivets and connectors absolutely require high conductivity and low contact resistance. As the silver-clad copper wire is metallurgically bonded to a specific kind of copper, you should think twice before you make a decision. Though the silver-clad copper wire can let electronics designers find the most suitable alternative to solid-silver wire at a significantly lower cost, they should be prudent enough so as to prevent any emergencies from happening.


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As far as I am concerned, Hfengln can utterly produce a full range of other precious metal clad wire products just like other manufacturers such as silver-clad Strip manufacturers. Certainly, they have to incorporate a variety of core materials like cold-forming stainless steel or cold-forming titanium. silver-clad copper wire has been priced up to 80% less than solid wire, typical, which is mostly depending upon configuration and quantity.


To sum up, if it is not necessary for you to use the silver-clad copper wire to change the solid silver wire, you can directly use the silver-clad copper wire. Only when you know clearly about these products will you know that it is better for you to keep the current situation.

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