Why Choosing Good Silver Contacts Is Important?
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Why Choosing Good Silver Contacts Is Important?

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Why Choosing Good Silver Contacts Is Important?

Regarding silver contacts parts, there may not be a clear positioning and understanding for most of consumers, because many people only know that silver plated contact is only a small electronic component or hardware accessory, and even some consumers don't know what it is. Below news will tell you how important choosing good silver contacts as accessory of devices.


According to the news, Hyundai and Kia recalled more than 170,000 cars due to the poor connection of brake pedal switch contacts! It is said that the brake pedal switch contacts of some vehicles within the recall range are poorly connected and the electrical signal is delayed, which cause the ESP warning light to illuminate, poor one-button start, difficulty in moving the gear lever P gear or unable to release the cruise control, and the brake light cannot be ignited bright which may increase the probability of incidents and there is a potential safety hazard. Now Beijing Hyundai and Kia Car will free replace qualified brake pedal switches for vehicles within the scope of the recall in order to eliminate potential safety hazards. So, if you are a buyer, the acquisition of a high-quality silver contact can bring unexpected benefits for a company. At the same time, the company also can get the trusts and supports from a broad range of customers, and continuously contribute for the society and country.


69-brake pedal switch contacts,

What are the advantages of silver contacts?


The biggest advantage of silver contacts component is to increase the using frequency of conductor, and increase the contact effect and enhance the performance of conductor. Generally silver contacts are widely used in the production of electronic appliances, such as switches, relays, thermostats, and cross-point fulcrums in conductive circuits etc. They are mainly riveted on the terminals of various accessories by using a riveting silver point machine. So, there are silver contacts on many things in our lives.


Silver contacts and other original accessories are widely used in various high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronic appliances, rocker switches, power switches, relays, circuit breakers, sensors, controllers, starters, contactors and many other fields.


Generally speaking, the closing of the switch is achieved by the opening and closing of the silver contacts on the copper sheet to achieve the energized state. For the switch, the larger the silver contact is, the thicker the silver layer is, and the larger the load appliances that the switch carries is, the safer and the longer the switch life is. So, the thickness of the silver contacts directly affects the electrical conductivity, and the thickness of silver coating of ordinary switches is 0.2-0.3mm. And the thickness of silver coating can effectively reduce the generation of sparks during switch closing, and it can prolong the service life of the switch.


HFENGLN is a company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly manufactures electrical contacts parts, silver clad strips, and various accessories. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in various contact components. The company insists on development and innovation, and the products are used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronics, home appliances, communications, military and other fields. 

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